Round squares biologos –

Biologos stumbling and fumbling again, how they do not see the inconsequence of their thinking is beyond me. If dead and suffering are part of the creation process, as they believe, how can God be good? 

I seldom meet people who think dead and disease are good yet they can say that as it happens in nature, it is just part of nature, implied it is just so and still think live is beautiful,  how do they not see this is broken and thus part if the fallen nature of the world.

For If dead and suffering was simply nature as it is, then death and suffering of your loved ones is what? Plain bad luck? A good God turning his back on his creation?      This article is again a good rebuttal of such thoughts.       


One thought on “Round squares biologos –

  1. I agree very much with Creation Ministries Teaching Elswintha and not just because I was one of their Volunteers but being one, I saw the Managing Director Carl and the Scientists Love for God, face to face and their humble acceptance of us Volunteers who in worldly values were far beneath them, I felt honored to serve these Men in their Ministry to those who have been deceived by Evolution Teaching.

    God also showed me the Truth of what they shared about Creation verses Evolution, He tells us all Scripture is inspired by Him , it’s His Truth and Evolution does not fit in. I have Posted about Creation and Evolution much more than once, I will leave one of the links for you in case your interested in how the 6 days of Creation show it’s reality very clearly.

    Creation -

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


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