St. Paul’s Word Selection vs. Sola Scriptura

Sola scriptura versus scripture and tradition and the body of christ.
Beeing raised in a reformed protestant home the lutheran church was quite a novelty for me but yet I found a churchhome there.
Coming from ny age and sjamanism I slowy converted. Then after being convinced by creation ministries about the truth of the bible I started to understand scripture different. If the bible is true so I thought than not every faith is just another road to God. Beeing true I do need to take it serious and so I stopped to see it as merely wisdom. As merely one of many roads to the same goal.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. And withouth God there is no wisdom.

So I started to read about christian faith and found many, who strongly disagreed. It was as if all understand parts but none understood it completely, for all seemed to have doctrines with I could question based on scripture. Lutheran seemed most right at the time but I still had concerns, what about icons and the crucifix?
It was a church closer to katholik faith than the reformed church I grew up in and at the same time it was the church that was instrumental in converting me back to christianity.
Though I was sure that Roman Catholic faith did have serious issues. Church authority beeing just one.
My search in finding defences against all the allegations against christmas, supposedly beeing pagan, also lead me to Katholik apolegetics.
As also the Katholic church was attacked on the same blogs I started to get worried, this cannot be right. Christians judging christians och calling them cults or worse. Though I thought they where wrong on some doctrines I do have a high opinion about katholic brothers and sisters.
No church has it all right I concluded.

This blog from Dave Armstrong really convinced me about a lot of issues I still struggeld with, it broke down my assumptions and in this article a defence for roman katholik faith in both scripture, tradition and authority of the church made me start wondering if the sola scriptura is a sound doctrine after all.

At the same time I learned about Luther on this blog and this helped me a lot with the traditions in the lutheran church in Sweden alien to my childhoodfaith.
With great concern I see the mainstream of faith in the lutheran church of sweden sliding away from scripture in its teaching centering on kindness, goodness and care. But I miss stronger teaching. Depth and history the powerfull message of the gospel.

It causes me to search and ask is there a church in this world if just even one who has its doctrine right and in line with the gospel or do they all have issues and fall short in understanding.

How will I know?
So since asking this question I am searching and wonder if it would be possible for me to decern if a church teachings is in line with scripture.
And I start asking myself was Luther right?
I am not convinced either way yet but I learn a lot while searching.

Well if you want to read some good katholik apologetics this blog is a good place to start.


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